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20 July

The Secret Life of an Ant

Have you ever wondered what an ant does all day?

As expert entomologists,  it’s our job to understand all kinds of pests which enter your home or business. Let’s face facts. We’re fascinated by all kinds of insects here at Suburban Exterminating, especially ants.

Top Pest in Your Home

Ants are possibly the most popular pest of the summer months. So, what do they do other than crash your picnic and share your bananas?

Check out the picture to find out how an ant spends his day. You’ll be surprised how similar it is to your own daily activities, except their bath is usually using rain water and they probably exercise a lot more than you or I.

Ants are unsightly and get into your food! Gross!

If you notice ants or any other insects around your home, call Suburban Exterminating for service or a free estimate. You can call 516 or 631-864-6900 to talk to one of our experienced and helpful customer service technicians.

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