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The Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead has been bustling with energy this summer. Members of the Suburban Exterminating staff head over there one to two times a week to do a tabling event, where kids can participate in some crafts. We’re helping to raise awareness about the new insect exhibit in the aquarium that we’re sponsoring, while simultaneously showing the children a great time. The many young children at the aquarium will take a quick stop from their busy days to do some fun and relaxing crafting. A crafting table with insect stamps and coloring books isn’t something the kids are accustomed to at the aquarium, so it’s a nice change of pace for everyone. Wildlife at the Aquarium The Long Island Aquarium has a vast selection of animals you can view and interact with during your stay. Right outside of the aquarium is a seal exhibit where you can view them bathing in the water and relaxing in the sun. Immediately upon entrance, the stingray exhibit, otherwise known as “Ray Bay” is a big hit among visitors. You can interact with them by petting their interestingly textured skin. They will even swim right up to you, looking to be touched. There’s a butterfly exhibit where you can walk through with soothing music playing in the background as the butterflies flutter around. The main attraction of the aquarium is the sea lion show, which is an interactive outdoor play where the sea lion performs hilarious acts and stunts. Other incredible exhibits in the aquarium include the shark tank, penguins, sea otters, and the sand shark lagoon.A new attraction that has just been added is the insect exhibit that we are proud to be sponsoring. There’s a collection of interesting and exotic insects that you wouldn’t see in our area. For example, they have an elephant beetle the size of my hand, a tarantula, a rainbow leaf beetle, and many others. The exhibit isn’t quite finished yet, but many pieces are in place for the public to come observe and enjoy.


Paige and I were the staff members on hand majority of the time, and we experienced a lot during our time at the aquarium. Not only did we get to spend some quality time with the kids at the aquarium, we also experienced some hysterical moments along the way. One of which was a man coming up to us asking “where are the whales?” We were also asked a countless number of times where the bathroom was. Overall, between the great times with the visitors and the hilarious moments we shared, I would say our first summer crafting at the Long Island Aquarium was a success.

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