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Swarmer Termites Hit Smithtown and Long Island

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Termites are one of the most destructive pests. They cause billions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses every year as per the National Pest Management Association. Not only do they attack wood, but termites will eat paper, insulation, and swimming pool liners. Discovering termites indoors is a sure sign of an infestation and deserves immediate attention.

Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Termite damage is rarely covered by homeowners’ insurance including Allstate homeowners. many swarming winged termites eating wood

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not protect their homes from likely invasions. “In Smithtown on Long Island, it’s not a question of if you have termites, it’s a matter of when,” said Lynn Frank BCE, Board Certified Entomologist and Technical Director for Suburban Exterminating.

Swarmer Termites in Spring

Swarmer termites can appear all year round but springtime is when billions of reproductive subterranean termites take flight from their colonies in search of new homes to infest. “Swarming termites are one of the most obvious signs that you have a termite problem, and that you need help,” added Frank.

Signs of Termites

In addition to large swarms of winged insects inside and/or around the home, other signs of termites include mud tubes on walls, hollow-sounding wood, and dead termites or wings around windows, doors, heating vents, or in bathtubs and sinks.

Homeowners should pay particular attention to areas where there is wood access, such as around decking, near landscape timbers, firewood piles, fences, and any areas with direct wood-to-soil contact. High-moisture areas near the roof downspout, sprinkler heads, or air conditioner drip lines are also conducive locations for termite activity.

What’s the difference between Termite Treatments Methods?

Most liquid chemical treatments and some termite baiting systems only have the ability to suppress termite populations but have not demonstrated any documented effectiveness at eliminating subterranean termite colonies. Servicing and monitoring methods may vary greatly based on the type of treatment used.

“With liquid chemical treatments, most product labels only require pest management professionals to perform one annual inspection after injecting the chemical mixture into the soil,” continued Frank, “but, unfortunately, re-treatments can be common.”

Suburban Exterminating Recommends Sentricon

Suburban Exterminating experts recommend a termite bait system called the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. With ongoing monitoring by an authorized professional, the Sentricon System provides long-term protection through proven elimination of termite colonies. Once the colonies are gone, the system returns to a monitoring mode to intercept attacks by other colonies in the area. It’s also environmentally responsible, using only a few grams of active ingredients when and where needed.

Should any major damages have occurred from a termite infestation, Suburban Exterminating also employs expert carpenters. They can repair any structural damage and pest-proof your home against future infestations. Be prepared this termite season and protect your home and family!

For Long Island termite control that protects homes and businesses, contact Suburban Exterminating. 

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