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01 March

Termite Season Is Approaching

Termites are one of the most destructive pests. They cause billions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses every year. Not only do they attack wood, but termites will eat paper, insulation and swimming pool liners. Discovering termites indoors is a sure sign of an infestation and warrants immediate attention.

Termite Control on Long Island

  • Termites are social creatures, living in colonies

  • They build mud tubes as their form of transportation to a wood source

  • Termites can live up to 15 years

  • They are in every U.S. state except Alaska

  • Reproducing termites lay 1 egg every 15 seconds

  • In nature, termites help in recycling wood for the soil

Suburban Exterminating uses the Sentricon System for termite extermination. Our proven methods, expertly trained technicians and advanced technologies guarantee termite removal. This system is designed to eliminate the entire colony. Should any major damages have occurred from a termite infestation, Suburban also employees a staff of expert carpenters. They can repair any structural damage and pest-proof your home against future infestations. Be prepared this termite season and protect your home and family!

For Long Island termite control that protects homes and businesses, contact Suburban Exterminating!

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