Frequently Asked Questions about Termite Protection

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Frequently Asked Questions about Termite Protection with Sentricon

Q: How long will my swarm last for?

A: Termite swarms come out when the temperature and humidity are just right. We don’t know how many there are. Some people get the swarm on and off for a few days, some on and off for a few weeks. It really depends on the weather conditions and the size of the colony.


Q: How is the baiting system better than a liquid treatment?

A: The Sentricon baiting system will eliminate a termite colony. Termites begin feeding on the bait as soon as they enter the station. This starts the elimination process sooner, and it provides continuous property protection. Liquid applications are limited to the area they are applied and break down over time, this does not provide good protection against a termite colony.


Q: how far apart are the stations placed?

A: 8 to 10 feet apart around the entire perimeter of the home.


Q: I have a patio in the back of my home, is it ok if the stations are not close to my house?

A: Yes, termites will travel up to a football field in distance to forage for food.


Q: Is the chemical safe for my pets and family?

A: Yes, the Sentricon bait is a green product. The active ingredient will not leave the station. Even if the station sits under several inches of water, the active ingredient will not leave the station. The Sentricon system won the presidential green chemistry challenge award.


Q: How long after the installation will my problem be solved?

A: Once the system is installed, we must wait until the termites randomly forage into the station. Once they begin feeding on the bait, the colony should be eliminated within 60-90 days depending on the size of the colony.


Q: I had the system installed but I am still seeing swarms, why?

A: Termite swarms are strictly a reproductive organism and do not have any mouths. They do not consume any bait and they do not cause damage. A termite swarmer comes up from the ground, breaks off its wings and looks for a mate so they can get back in the soil and try to become a new colony.

This cannot happen inside of a home. They must be in the soil to reproduce. The termite swarms have no chance to survive in a structure and will die in about 40 minutes or so after coming out. Just vacuum them up.


Q: How often do you check the stations?

A: We inspect the stations on an annual basis in the fall time.

We do not want to inspect the stations during the spring or summer months when termites are most active. If termites are feeding on the bait and we pull it out of the station, this will break the mud tubes and pheromone trail and can cause station abandonment. We check the stations when feeding slows down and then determine if any material needs to be replaced.


Q: Is there a charge for repairing a broken station or replacing the bait?

A: No, you pay an annual renewal for this warranty and you have unlimited call backs. We do not charge for bait replacement or the repair of a station.

(if a customer decided to remove all stations and wants them reinstalled, we may charge a reinstall fee. You would want to give this to me so I can decide if we will charge)


Q: What if I have a termite problem inside my house?

A: The Sentricon system offers a AG unit (Above ground) station that can be installed when there is an ACTIVE mud tube. There is no extra cost for this.


Q: Does the bait have an odor?

A: No.


Q: Will the stations attract the termites to my house?

A: No, the stations do not attract termites. Termite randomly forage through the soil and this is how they locate the stations.


Q: How long do I need to keep the system?

A: You should continue with the system each year to protect your home from possible future invasions of termite colonies. The system offers continuous protection. Termite swarming happens when a colony is 3-5 years old, if you do not have termite protection, this could mean 3-5 years’ worth of potential damage.


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