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21 February

Suburban Exterminating’s Kid’s Club

Teaching Children the Joy of Bugs

At the Kid's Club children can download a picture of their favorite insect and color it in their favorite colors. The different bugs they can color include Ants, Bees, Caterpillars and Butterflies, as well as a maze. With the help of a parent, any future bug expert can begin their journey by mailing in the finished picture to Suburban Exterminating to win a prize!

Also found on the Suburban website is a link to This interactive site allows kids to identify pests, play games, and access tons of free information on the world of creepy-crawlers. This website is also designed for teachers, providing lesson plans and science kits for an enhanced classroom experience.

Suburban Exterminating of Long Island wants to make kids more aware and excited about the bugs around them. By learning about the lives of common pests kids will be less afraid, if they see them up close. By exploring around their homes, kids can learn an incredible amount about insects.

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