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11 December

Stopping Water Leaks and Heat Loss in Your Home

One of our customers had a leak in his Commack home. He could not determine the cause of the water. Suburban Exterminating gave this customer a thermal imaging inspection.

The inspection takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour for a 2500 square foot home. It involves a technician “filming” or “scanning” the walls with an infrared camera and moisture meter. These instruments allow us to pinpoint water leaks and heat loss.

Stopping Water Leaks and Heat Loss in Your Home

What happened in the Commack home? Suburban was able to pinpoint the leak to a faulty gutter. His gutter repair was significantly less costly than a roof repair.  Other homeowner benefits include pest and mold prevention.

Suburban Exterminating was also able to tell the homeowner that we did not find any evidence of heat loss in his home. In other words,  he did not have any heat loss problems.

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