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13 October

Stink Bugs Are No Easy Solution

Government researchers and others are working together to find an effective defense against the brown marmorated stink bug. Stink bugs cause millions of dollars of crop damage every year. They eat fruit, crops and vegetable gardens all over the U.S. 

Stink Bug Control

We’d love to be able to help Long Island homeowners to control this smelly insect. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution today. ** 2016 update learn how we control stinkbugs here. We can only hope that the stink bug population were cut down because of last year’s cold winter. Luckily, stink bugs don’t bite or sting us. Like their name says, they do smell when crushed.

As temperatures cool, stink bugs move inside to get away from our cold winters. Stink bugs like to hide in home siding, attics and basements. Sealing your vents is not an option because your home needs air to breathe. 

Because research is on-going, please check back to our website for updates on stink bug control. Below is a short video which explains the research that is on-going.   The video was produced by Northeastern Integrated Pest Management Center, located at Cornell University, sponsored by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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