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16 October

Spiders and Other Creepy Bugs

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Spiders, crickets and rodents begin to find their way indoors as the weather cools. Here are some of the latest reports around Long Island.

Pest Reports Around Long Island

Jon from Islip is seeing the occasional spider crickets as well as the usual variety in the basement living space. Doesn't seem bad but I've read they can nest and turn into a bigger problem. I'd like to avoid a long-term service agreement for the time being but do want to talk about what could be done. Thanks

Triny from Amityville is looking for help for the extermination on cockroaches in my house.
I will like to ask you for a free estimate and how you apply the treatment(method to use) because I have two kids that they have really bad allergies including this pest..

Gabriella from Riverhead has a heavy spider problem throughout the house and the basement and we also have been seeing a lot of ants as well

Christina from East Northport says “Hello! My fiance and I recently purchased our first home, and it came with those BIG mole cricket things! It also came with large spiders. Please let me know how much it would cost to take care of them all. Thanks!

Alaina from Locust Valley “Hi There, I live in a very wooded area and we have constant crickets in our house (mostly basement), huge spiders, stink bugs all summer that may be coming from the chimney, and recently caught a mouse in a sticky trap. Half of our basement is finished and the other half is not. The part that is finished is unused because there must be holes somewhere that are allowing these pests inside. Are you able to come to the house and investigate the problem/fill holes, and determine what needs to be done? It would be much appreciated “

Call for a free inspection today (631) 864-6900 | (516) 864-6900. We’ll be happy to discuss pest treatment options and more!


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