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17 September

Simple Tips to Prevent Pests

This article is the first of our series on Simple Tips to Prevent Pests  from entering your home. We hope that Long Island homeowners will find this series helpful.

Trim Branches and Shrubs Away from Your Home

Did you know that insects, squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife use nature to gain entry into your home? Any type of bush, shrubs, hedges or tree branches can help a pest get access to your home. Don’t let your home become a comfortable place for  insects or other animal pests!

Suburban Exterminating is your complete Pest Control Service Company!  Pest Prevention is one of these services. Free inspections are available.  Call us in Nassau (516) 864-6900 or Suffolk (631) 864-6900 or the Hamptons (631) 287-3810

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