Winged ants are often the first signs of termites in your house.  Long Islanders often start to report signs of termites in early spring in their basements and around their water heaters.  They spot winged ants and discarded wings. All ants just need a tiny opening to enter your home.  A subterranean termite lives in a colony and each termite performs specific job functions. The white workers live in the mud tunnel or infested wood.  These termite works do the most damage by feeding on the wood. They are rarely seen. The winged ants are reproductive females that emerge to expand the colony.  There are kings and queens which reproduce to grow the colony.  And soldier termites defend the colony with their large jaws.

Termite Awareness Week March 11-17, 2018

Termite invasions are serious business. Termite damage costs homeowners an estimated $5 billion per year. The damage is often not covered by your homeowners insurance.

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Learn more about preventing a termite invasion on our website. A professional pest control inspection is your best route for determining if you have termites.

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