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18 February

What's that Scratching, Tapping, Running Sound?

nightmare sounds

 We hear reports from Long Island homeowners on all kinds of sounds within their walls, attic and/or basements. Talk about the stuff of nightmares!

Possible Pests Who Create Noise

What's that scratching, tapping, running sound? We have many different kinds of wildlife on Long Island. Mice and rats are nocturnal creatures, and, therefore, are rarely seen by the homeowner. Rodents are active – gnawing, eating, making nests. Other active Long Island nocturnal pests include flying squirrels and raccoons. Grey squirrels are diurnal – mainly active during daytime, with a period of sleeping or other inactivity at night.

Large colonies of carpenter ants and termites can also be heard within walls.

Sound in Your Walls, Attic or Basement

Here’s some of the emails from Long Islanders describing the noises in their homes.

  • Shadesh from Westbury: I have noise in the walls of my attic. Scratching and fast movements. I am not sure what it is
  • Michael from Lake Ronkonkoma: We have something in our drop ceiling in the basement. We have had mice and voles in the past that we got rid of with glue traps but this sounds heavier than usual and traps are not working. We are looking to remove and identify how it got in so we can close that off.
  • Sal from Stony Brook: I have a little critter in one of my eaves. Sounds like just one trying to make a home. Hear tapping & scratching each morning about 7 am. Happens on & off till about 2 pm - then hear nothing for rest of day/evening/overnight until morning again. How much would it cost to get rid of it? Finances are tight for us right now. Hoping it will not be expensive. It stays in just one spot that can be accessed from outside by removing the end cap of the eave. Once removed he/she should be right there. Please get back to me. Thank you.
  • David from Westbury: My tenant has informed me she hears what sounds like small animals moving around in the attic eaves. I'd like to schedule an appointment for someone to come out and assess the problem. Unfortunately I am only able to get into visit the property on Weekends or evenings after 6:00pm. If possible could an appointment be scheduled for this Saturday. Thank you.
  • Selvin from Riverhead: Seem to have a mice problem in my home every night hear noises in the ceiling of chowing and also have establish some mice traps around the house and have catch few but the problem continues
  • Lenia  from Dix hills: Noise inside walls
  • Meghann from Port Jefferson: Mice problem; made a mess of our basement, heard scratching in attic
  • Tracey from Shirley: We keep hearing scratching and banging noise inside one of the bedrooms walls near the chimney. We had our chimney looked at in December and had a new liner put in at that time there was no evidence of any animals.
  • Jason from Massapequa Park: We've been hearing scratching sounds at night from inside the wall in our upstairs bedroom for several days now.
  • Patrick from Hauppauge: Think we have a squirrel in attic. hear very quick scratching noise for a few seconds once each morning and evening and quick scampering away. Louder than mice.
  • Joseph from Commack:  There seems to be a critter underneath our house as we hear sounds frequently coming from underneath our bedroom.

If you're hearing any strange sounds coming from your attic, walls or basement, contact us today for a free estimate  (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900



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