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15 February

Rodents One Reason for Noises at Night

Ricky K. is a Suburban Exterminating technician who works nights. He is on call for all emergency pest control situations. He took the time to share some of his more “colorful” stories.

Emergency Pest Control

Ricky said that customers are much more frantic at night. Minor problems seem scarier when the lights are off. Ricky listens to the customer and reassures them that Suburban will provide speedy service.

At a Suffolk County doughnut shop, rat traps were going off so loudly and frequently that the police were called. The town had recently suffered a shooting spree 2 nights prior. Sometimes though, it is Ricky who needs reassurance. At one pizza place, he found a deceased homeless man behind a dumpster.

Despite the few odd experiences, Ricky does love his job. The most fascinating thing about bugs, according to Ricky, is their adaptation skills. A cockroach or carpenter ant will adapt to any situation in order to survive. Outside of work, he enjoys fishing, deer hunting and going to the movies. One of Ricky’s favorite pest-themed movies is Arachnophobia, with John Goodman.

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