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09 July

Reviews and Compliments

Everyone loves a compliment! We received this customer’s testimonial on our webpage and wanted to share.  Thank you to all our Long Island pest control customers for choosing Suburban Exterminating!


This “thank you” is so long overdue and I apologize for that. I am so grateful to Suburban Exterminating. As they know, I am “that” client-a complete basketcase, hysterical, phobic, crying mess when it comes to bugs/rodents. I cannot begin to explain the kindness of the gentlemen who have come into my home, calmed me down, reassured me that they would take care of the problem and did just that. They are understanding, compassionate and BRAVE! My heroes Richard S is THE BEST, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty for us countless times, coming over at a moments notice to help us with an emergency. I could never thank him enough for being so kind to me. I had NO idea when we first moved into our house all that came with it- literally. I probably would have lost my mind if it wasn’t for Richard S! I am eternally grateful to Angelo as well, he is always consistently kind, sweet and thorough. I always know we are in good hands when Angelo shows up! Today, Alex M came to spray and set traps and he was wonderful as well, really took his time with the spraying which made me so happy, he was awesome. Thank you, Alex so much! I recommend Suburban to everyone who tells me they are having issues. I do this because they are THE best, they have always been the best. My parents used Suburban when we moved to Long Island in the early 80’s. Suburban has always been there for me, they are reliable, effective and they have the best, nicest people. I hope Richard, Angelo and Alex can all have something special done for them, they deserve it. Wonderful people. Thank you for ALL you do, I am so eternally grateful to you!!

Please call or text for exterminating services (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900. You can also contact us here.

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