baby birds in nest inside wooden structure

Birds can be destructive to Long Island private and commercial properties. They can carry disease, contaminate areas with their droppings and feathers, and cause structural damage with their nests. Nests can be found in eaves, windowsills, ventilation, HVAC equipment, signage, lighting, chimneys, and awnings.

Bird Dangers

  • Avoid feeding birds. Keep feeders away from the house to discourage nesting near a food source.
  • Many birds are aggressive and territorial, especially when nesting. Avoid areas where you see large groups of birds or mothers with their young.
  • Bird droppings carry disease and bacteria, as well as cause corrosion due to the high content of uric acid.
  • Woodpeckers cause major structural damage to all wood surfaces, including decks, telephone poles, eaves and fences.
  • Most birds, but especially crows, upset gardeners by eating the seeds and vegetation before harvesting.

The Suburban Exterminating bird guide can help you to identify the bird causing your problems. You can also contact us at 631-864-6900 or 516-864-6900 for bird pest control solutions.

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