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“We have never seen a year like 2017 for rodents, we have more than doubled the amount of calls we have received this year for rats and mice” stated William Somerville, General Manager and Associate Certified Entomologist at Suburban Exterminating. Long Island is the home to the Norway rat, the house mouse and the white footed deer mouse. Rodent populations can increase quickly when food, water, and shelter are available! When the cooler weather arrives, many of these rodents look to come inside.

Record Year for Mice and Rats across Long Island

One neighborhood in West Islip is particularly infested with rats.  This neighborhood has every right to be concerned. Rats and mice spread diseases, contaminate food and reduce our quality of life. Because of their gnawing and burrowing, wires and other property is damaged. Here are a couple of their statements to local news outlets about the rats in their West Islip neighborhood:

“They’re very, very shrewd. It’s not like the regular sewer rat,” Jane Baldwin of West Islip said recently to NBC News.

“I don’t know how ferocious these rats are. I don’t know if they’ll kill our little dog,” Paula Edwards said to Newsday.

Rats can squeeze through cracks and holes as small as a half inch. To keep rats out for good, seal all holes and cracks in foundations, walls, floors, underneath doors and around windows. Both rats and mice are smart! Traps and bait might work for some and not for others!

Deer mice can introduce parasites like fleas, mites, and ticks into your home. All rodents can contaminate food and your kitchen with their urine and feces. Gross!

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