Homeowners use all kinds of tactics to try to scare wildlife into leaving. Loud music, lights, dogs, scarecrows, streamers, and aluminum pans are NOT very effective. Hopefully, you will call Suburban Exterminating to remove any unwanted animals from your home.

Signs of a Raccoon

  • You might find damaged insulation, broken soffits or louvers, bent gutters and holes in siding. And since these animals don’t use a litter box, you will have odors and a mess!
  • Raccoons can make a lot of noise in your attic. You are most likely to hear them at night. Sometimes, you can hear a raccoon in the daytime. When Raccoon mothers have 3-5 kids to feed, they are especially busy!  Their babies can make a noise that sounds like a bird chirping.
  • Raccoons will eat almost anything. Raccoons generally weigh between 12 and 36 pounds, with some heavier raccoons weighing enough to drop out of attics into people’s homes. In your neighborhood, pet food and garbage may be on the top of their food list.

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