Rodent Prevention in Your Home

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Yikes! It’s still September yet local news outlets are already reporting problems with rats in parts of Nassau County – Massapequa, Seaford and East Meadow. Rodents -both rats and mice- begin to look for warm places to live once temperatures drop and fall sets in.  You can protect your home today with Suburban Exterminating’s Rodent Shield. This treatment is organic and lasts for 45-90 days.  Call today to schedule your treatment Nassau (516) 864-6900 | Suffolk (631) 864-6900 | Out East (631) 287-6900

How Rodent Shield Manages Rodent Prevention in Your Home

Rodents will go out of their way to avoid Rodent Shield’s scent! This scent – which smells minty to you and I – smells terrible to a rat or mouse. When sprayed on your home’s foundation, sheds, under decks, and garage door openings, rodents avoid your home and will look for a home elsewhere.

While you may only see one rat, rats generally share food with a group of rats in their nest. Female rats can have 3-6 litters a year with 7-8 or more young – that’s a lot of rats!

Mice also multiply quickly! Long Island has two kinds of mice: the house mouse and the white footed mouse or deer mouse.

All rodents can carry disease through their feces, fleas, and bites.

Rodent Behaviors

Mice and rats are rodents with similar behaviors. Below we’ve outlined some traits of the Norway rat.

Gnawing Norway rats can cause damage to properties and structures through their constant gnawing.  They even can gnaw through plastic pipes and lead pipes.

Burrowing These rats frequently burrow in soil near riverbanks, in garbage and woodpiles, and under concrete slabs. Indoors, Norway rats often nest in basements, piles of debris or undisturbed materials. Rodents can gain entry to a home through a hole the size of a quarter.

Food choices  Rats will eat just about anything. They like convenience and return often to the same place to eat. Dog and cat food is often eaten unnoticed. Bird seed is also a favorite meal.

Diseases spread  The plague, jaundice, rat-bite fever, cowpox virus, trichinosis and salmonellosis are all spread by rats. Rats contaminate food and carry fleas. They can carry ticks into your yard.

Trail  Rodents don’t use a bathroom. Instead, these pests leave droppings, urine stains, and grease “smudges” where their oily fur consistently rubs walls and woodwork.

Rodents and Your Pets Many pets don’t catch rodents but your pet food, water, and animal waste can attract them!