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10 January

Pest Protection with Suburban Exterminating's Complete Plan

Congratulations! You have chosen to protect your home and family from pests. Pests in your home can endanger your and your families' health!

Suburban Exterminating would like you to get to know your chosen plan “Complete”. We're happy to increase your coverage to include additional pests. As always, you can contact the customer service department via phone/text/live chat or our customer service portal. We can be reached at 631-864-6900 | (516) 864-6900 | (631) 287-6900. We are open 7 days a week - Monday to Friday 7 am - 10 pm, Saturday 7 am - 4 pm and Sundays 9 am - 2 pm.

The discount for full payment is 5%.

Scheduled Service

We will be out to service your home on a quarterly basis but contact us sooner if anything else pops up! You don't have to be home for our regular visits. Our technicians will perform an inspection of the exterior and provide an appropriate treatment to prevent covered pests from entering your home. After our visit, we will email you a copy of your service report so that you know what work has been performed.

If you have locked gates or if we will be unable to access your property, please let us know so we can add a notification prior to your service.

Thank you again for choosing Suburban Exterminating!

Thank you again for choosing Suburban Exterminating. We’d love for you to recommend us to your friends and neighbors. Both you and your friends benefit when you do. Learn more about this benefit here.

Your plan includes pest identification, exterior bait treatment, interior inspection and treatment (upon demand), de-webbing and reports of insect entry points. We also install 4 exterior bait stations, pest and rodent proofing.

We also offer wildlife services, mosquito control and commercial services.  

Complete Plan includes the following 29 pests:

Bees and wasps up to 30 feet

Acrobat ants

Argentine ants

Bald-faced hornets


Click beetles



Field Ants

Ground beetles


Odorous house ants

Pavement ants

Pharaoh ants

Sac spiders



Wolf Spiders

Yellow Jackets

American Cockroaches

Deer mice

Drugstore beetles

German roaches

House mice

Indian meal moths


Saw-tooth grain beetles


Oriental Cockroaches

Sentricon termite bait system

complete pest protection plan

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