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05 February

Our Technicians Answer “Why I Drive Safely”

Ask any Long Island driver about their experiences on the road. Tailgating, running a red light and other aggressive driving is commonplace.  Our technicians and trucks spend many hours on Long Island roads. As much as our pest control services are needed, a Suburban Exterminating truck is not considered an emergency vehicle.

Emergency Pest Control

At a recent training meeting, our technicians were asked “Why I Drive Safely”. Here are some of their responses.

“Keep others safe.” said Rich.

“It’s the law” said Frank.

“Love my family and kids” said Glenn.


“My Dad would kick my ***” said John.

“Better safe than sorry” “Love my family” said Phil.

“Stay alive.”

“Love my family” said Mitch, Joe and Bobby.

“So no one gets hurt” said Vic.

If you need emergency pest control services, please give our Long Island office a call at (631)864-6900 or (516) 864-6900. We understand that sometimes a homeowner will be facing an immediate threat to their family’s health!


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