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02 June

Our Pest Control Technician of the Year

Every ant colony has many worker ants. The worker ant keeps an ant colony alive and healthy. The worker’s job is varied and busy. In fact, worker ants rarely rest.  Just like a successful ant colony, a successful company also has many workers. Suburban Exterminating would like to honor one of our best workers. We are nominating Danny C.  as PCT Magazine’s Residential Pest Control Technician of the Year.

Pest Control Service Calls

After 34 years working at Suburban Exterminating, Danny has worked with few sick days.  And his safety record is impeccable.

Danny works mainly at homes in Huntington, Long Island.  He travels on Jericho Turnpike which is considered one of the most dangerous road in tri-state area.  Driving on Long Island can be “risky” with many aggressive drivers. Danny takes the traffic in stride. Danny says “I’ve got a great job and nice customers. I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

When asked about our nominee for Residential Technician of the Year, customers and fellow workers describe Danny as “a quiet, polite worker”. In fact, Mr. Lynn Frank, Technical Director at Suburban Exterminating says “Danny has a one track mind. He’s always thinking about taking care of his customers.”  Mary, a customer / homeowner  from Commack, describes Danny as “dependable and trustworthy”.

Danny is a dog lover. At home, he has 2 rescue dogs, Max & Cheyenne, and a cat named Rusty . He tries to get to know every customer’s pets and often greets customer’s dogs by name.

What industry changes has Danny seen over the last 34 years?

What industry changes has Danny seen over the last 34 years? Well, Danny’s main work involves perimeter inspections.  As the 1st line of defense for a homeowner, he monitors for the presence of pests. In the event any insects are found, an appropriate treatment is performed. One of the biggest changes in Danny’s job is his use of the caulk gun.  Danny is using a caulk gun as one of his tools. He seals cracks and holes on a home’s perimeter to prevent other insect invasions.

If your home is being invaded by insects, give Suburban Exterminating a call at (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900

UPDATE 12/30/14

Congratulations to Danny C! He was one of the finalists in 2014 Technician of the Year Award!



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