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26 June

Our On-Line Reputation

How does a company protect its on-line reputation? In Melville last week, internet professionals met to discuss how a bad review, unhappy employee or just bad luck can ruin your on-line reputation. People post negative reviews most often and many of these reviews can be untraceable. Imagine getting a negative review for a non-existant product! Imagine getting a negative review for upstate NY when you are located only on Long Island! 

Protecting Your Brand and Business from Online Attacks

Richard Torrenzano of The Torrenzano Group gave a great talk! He wrote the book: Digital Assassination: Protecting Your Reputation, Brand, or Business Against Online Attacks. Richard states “In the future, which is now, everone will have their 15 minutes of shame”  He suggests monitoring your name brand daily.  He outlined how a company can hope to minimize on-line attacks by having many positive web pages.  In a Google search, he suggests having a reputation cushion of 3 pages of  branding. When the on-line attack occurs, many positive web pages will minimize the chances of  anyone viewing an unflattering page.  Think of how an attack with a pea shooter would not hurt you.

Here at Suburban Exterminating, our reputation is very important. Our pest control business depends on the recommendations of Long Island friends and neighbors. We work hard for these recommendations and are always looking to improve our customer service. If you have any suggestions, please comment below or contact us by phone (516) or (631) 864-6900.  Or complete our “How are we doing?” survey

Thanks again to the Social Media Association for hosting this meeting!

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