Termites coming out of wood

Would it surprise you that pests like places with easy access to food and water? The tips below highlight some simple ways that you can keep pests where they belong – outside your home!Top 10 Pest Prevention Tips

  1. Prevent entry by sealing cracks and crevices, repair broken screens and replace faulty door seals. Don’t forget your garage door sweep.
  2. Chimney caps can prevent animals from gaining access to inside your home.
  3. Stop leaking pipes and eliminate standing water.
  4. Install a dehumidifier if your basement or cellar is damp.
  5. Take Mom’s advice and keep it clean!   Wipe kitchen counters often. Sweep and vacuum. Run your garbage disposal daily. Take out the trash. Do the dishes.
  6. Don’t forget to clean your pet’s food and water bowl.
  7. Trim your shrubs and tree branches away from your home. Keep your grass short.
  8. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and five inches off the ground.
  9. Outdoors, use yellow bulbs since yellow is less attractive to pests.
  10. Know when to call a professional like Suburban Exterminating. Professionals have the proper training and tools to battle your pest invasion.

These tips represent a few ways that pests can be prevented. Suburban Exterminating is here to help Long Islanders battle pests which can cause allergies, diseases and property damage. Call or text today (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900.

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