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10 August

Our 2015 Library Show

This year, we brought our buggy show to Southampton, South Huntington and Smithtown. Every Long Island library show brings different children from those who know many insect facts to those who like to look from afar.

Here’s what happened in South Huntington. At first, when it came to actually holding a bug, everyone was hands off. We talked about our roaches, tarantula and many Long Island bug specimens. Each child got a closer look and a chance to ask questions. But in the last 5 minutes, when we announced it was the last chance to hold the cockroaches, everyone became brave! “It feels sticky”  “It feels funny” “Oooooo!”

Questions for our Entomologists

Children ask great questions at each library show.  Here are just a couple of examples:

Ava asked ” What does a tick look like?” We brought an American Dog tick for all the kids to see. Ava knew where to find ticks and had checked for ticks after being outside. She knew that ticks carry disease.

“Could a tarantula kill you?” asked Chase. So far, no human has been killed by a tarantula. Spider bites can sometimes cause an allergic reaction.

Pratyush asked, “Can a cockroach climb up the wall?” Yes, roaches can climb walls and ceilings!

Juliane:  “Does an earwig get into your ear?” Earwigs don’t climb into your ear and eat your brain. No one is even certain why this insect is called an earwig.

Siena asked “What is an entomologist?” We answered an entomologist is a scientist who studies insects. Entomologists study how to classify insects, know their life cycle, and behavior, and other facts.

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