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28 September

Now You Can Have a Warm Garage and Keep Out Rodents Too!

Mice and pests are in search of a warm home this time of year. Mice can squeeze through many small openings. Don’t give them a big opening like  your garage!

Seal Door

Garage door weather stripping is a simple way to prevent many animals from gaining entry into your garage and home. Weather stripping expands and contracts as the weather changes. This seal keeps heat in your garage and wind, rain and rodents out! Check that your garage door weather stripping is in good repair and touching the ground.

Other Ways Mice Can Enter Your Home

Mice can enter your home through cracks in your foundation and small spaces around gas, water and waste pipes, electric cables.  Caulk and seal these openings also.

Simple Tips to Prevent Pests

This article is the second of our series on Simple Tips to Prevent Pests  from entering your home. Click here to see the 1st Tip.

Suburban Exterminating provides complete Pest Control Services. Please call 864-6900 to pest proof your Long Island home!

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