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10 April

Newsday Asks Our Pest Control Experts

Suburban Exterminating was recently interviewed by Newsday to provide expert advice on pest control. In the Homework Section, the article “Keep the Rats Out” gives homeowner’s information on signs of rats and  prevention tips.

One of our experts, Bob Wiemer, General Manager at Suburban Exterminating, gave this advice.  

You can spot rats by looking for their droppings around your garage cans. Rat borrows are small holes one to four inches wide with smooth exits. Rats  create runways – they leave a greasy trail in the places they frequent.  Rats also like to gnaw. Is your garbage can “chewed”?

Homeowners can prevent rats by cleaning up. You know – your garbage can area, that cluttered basement and  a messy yard.  Rats love to be feed and they will eat your dog’s food, bird food and any other tasty snacks.  Keep plants off your home’s foundation and plug up any holes into your home. Of course, your neighbors have rats too! Give them a call!

If you are a Newsday subscriber, you can read the entire article on page 129  here .

Newsday and many other Long Islanders rely on Suburban Exterminating to provide expert pest control. Please call us to provide expert pest control at your home or business in Suffolk (631) 864-6900 or Nassau (516) 864-6900.

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