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06 September

New Kind of Ant Discovered near Lincoln Center

Even in NY City streets, insects are adapting and evolving to survive.  A new type of ant was discovered this month near 63rd and Broadway.

Type of Ant

“At first, we were flying to the tropics to study life. But then I thought: What if we look right in front of the building?” said biologist Rob Dunn in an interview with the NY Post.   Dunn describes the ant as “a relative of the cornfield ant, and it looks like it’s from Europe, but we can’t match it up with any of the European species.”   Read more about the “ManhattAnt” in  Smithsonian Magazine

Add One More Ant to the more than 13,000 known Breeds of Ant

What type of new insect will be discovered on Long Island? What type of new bug is in your backyard?  Suburban Exterminating can help you determine what ants are in your home and help you to get rid of them. Call us on Long Island 864-6900.

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