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12 July

National Dog House Repairs Month

He’s wagged his tail for you, cuddled in your chair, and left you presents in various places that he didn’t know you hated. He’s your dog, man’s best friend, and it’s time he was appreciated.

July is National Dog House Repairs Month

Yes, it’s real; you can even Google it, which is proof enough for me.

Giving your dog a home outside your own home gives him an extra special place to protect as well as a place to protect him from wind, snow, harsh sun rays, etc. Also, just look how much fun Snoopy got out of his dog house. Maybe your dog, Spot, can teach his own Woodstock friend to fly.

“Cold Ones for Canines”

Want your dog to have a great summer like you? A Minnesota company is now selling non-alcoholic beer for canines! The founder of the company, Jenny Brown, already sold pretzels for the pets, and simply added, “It just seemed that the dogs would want a beer with the pretzels.”


Your dog deserves a totally revamped dog house, and we made sure to do just that for our termite-detecting dog, Seemor. Maybe you’ve seen it when you pass us on Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown?


Making sure your dog has the best can also benefit you as a homeowner. Giving your pet a newly spruced up outside home will lessen the chance of him contracting fleas and, therefore, bringing them into your home. Dog fleas, Ctenocephalides canis, are only as big as a quarter-of-an-inch long and differ in color from black to reddish brown. They’ll drink the blood of your pet and cause irritation.


As for the structure of the dog house, be sure to call one of our carpenters at 631-864-6900, and have them re-do that upstairs bathroom while they’re there.

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