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20 November

Mice Problem in Your Home

Here’s how one Long Island homeowner tried to get rid of her mouse problem. “We have been seeing mice around our house for several weeks. We caught one with a snap trap last week and then another one yesterday, but we’re still hearing them in the walls. We’ve also tried to use peppermint oil, but this hasn’t helped. Please contact me”

Tired of Mice Traps

Mice are looking for a warm dry place to live in this winter. Your warm house makes a perfect home for mice.  Like us, mice eat fast food from crackers in your cabinets to anything close by. They leave trails of poop and constantly chew stuff  to keep their teeth from getting too long. They can breed 9 to 64  baby mice a year! That’s a lot of mice!

Pest Control Services Guarantee

Suburban Exterminating offers a guarantee on all pest control services.   Call (631) or (516) 864-6900 for your mouse problem. 


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