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02 October

Member of Long Island Pest Control Association (LIPCA)

Suburban Exterminating team members recently attended the 2012 workshop for Members of Long Island Pest Control Association (LIPCA).  

Classes included Ants–What’s Going On Here?” (Sponsored by BASF),   Dr. Stuart Mitchell—“Flying insect Control” (Sponsored by PestWest) , Dr. Phil Koehler, University of Florida-“Stinging Insects–What’s Biting You?” , and other important NY State Department of Environmental Conservation information. Pictured to the right are Joyce Roddler, Region 1 Department of Environmental Conservation and  Lynn Frank,  Entomologist and Technical Director for Suburban Exterminating.

Thank you, Jan Cicchetti and the other officers of Long Island Pest Control Association, for providing this educational  workshop and all of the behind the scenes work!

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