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26 September

Meet Alex

pest control technician

Alex is one of Suburban Exterminating’s Field Supervisors. In this interview, Alex talks about his work, secret food stashes and a customer’s trophy photo with a 12 inch rat.

Pest Control Experience

With Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other internet places to share, where do you post a picture of the 12 inch rat that was captured in your attic? Recently, Alex was working at a customer’s home in Dix Hills and caught a large breeder rat. When leaving the home, he was asked by the customer to pose the rat for a picture. Talk about a trophy shot! Alex has a trophy photo of his own, one of a 40 1/2 inch striper fish, which he caught off the Moriches inlet.

Alex has worked at Suburban Exterminating for over 8 years. In March, he was promoted to Field Supervisor. He has a wealth of experience including Troubleshooting, Residential and Commercial Route technician, assisting in the wildlife department and training many of our newer technicians.

Alex works with a quiet confidence that lets you know your home can and will be protected from pests. One of Alex’s favorite stories is about a person who kept a secret food stash. With a stash  of a dozen half-eaten cupcakes, cookies and other sweet items under your bed, bugs and other pests invade! Alex was happy to help the customer resolve their insect problem! Great work, Alex!

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