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10 June

Fun Children’s Events Sponsored by Suburban Exterminating

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This summer, check out Suburban Exterminating’s Children’s events and activities – bugs at the Long Island Aquarium, bugs at the Long Island Libraries, and color for a buggy prize!  

While insects can be pests - destroying crops, spreading disease and germs-  insects pollinate many flowering plants, clean up environmental waste,  and become food for larger animals!

Long Island Aquarium Bug Exhibit

Suburban Exterminating is giving away Long Island Aquarium tickets all summer. Enter to win on our Facebook page

At the Aquarium, Suburban Exterminating is the proud sponsor of the Bugs Exhibit! Head into the  butterfly exhibit to see the bugs! You’ll see leafcutter ants from the tropical rainforests of South America, a Giant Orbweaving Spider, jewel colored giant beatles and more. 

The aquarium is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 431 E. Main St. in Riverhead.

Long Island Children’s Library Program

Join us at one of our free children’s library events this summer! The program is officially called “Future Scientists: Learn What It Takes to Become an Entomologist.” Suburban Exterminating considers it buggy fun!   We begin the program with a brief introduction and then, give the children a close-up encounter with our bugs and other critters. Our bug experts are always happy to answer the children’s questions. This year, we again look forward to meeting more Long Island children, their parents and the librarians! We’ve got the children’s prizes ready!

Get a Prize for Coloring

If you can’t go to the Long Island Aquarium or one of our library events, check out our kid’s page. Suburban Exterminating’s kids page has coloring pages and other buggy activities.

Send us your coloring page and we’ll send you a prize. You must live on Long Island to participate =)

Love Long Island Kids!

We're always looking to give back to our Long Island family, friends and neighbors! Suburban Exterminating also sponsors highway signs which help keep Long Island roads clean, cancer awareness programs, food and book drives.

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