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Bee removal can be a dangerous do-it-yourself job! When left untreated, bee hives can get large enough to become a hazard to everyone in and around your home.Suburban Exterminating technicians are trained to identify Long Island’s honey bees, wasps and other stinging pests.  While bees are amazing for our environment, they can become dangerous – especially to those with deadly bee allergies. If someone is allergic to bee stings, a sting from a bee can result in anaphylactic shock and even death.

Bee removal services

Suburban Exterminating recognizes that sometimes bee removal services are needed as soon as possible. We work together with the homeowner to make that happen.

As the warm weather continues, bees and other stinging insect colonies grow larger. You may have just noticed that large nest in your yard. Other Long Island stinging pests include wasps, mosquitoes, bald faced hornets.

Contact Suburban Exterminating, a pest management professional,  to get rid of bees. Call (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900 for a free estimate.

Honey Bee Swarms

Honey bees are easily recognized because of their black and yellow stripes, furry exterior and buzzing sound. When the queen fails –or- there are too many bees in a hive, bees may swarm. The old queen and half the worker bees leave their nest to look for a new home.  The swarm can look like a dark cloud drifting.   Hollowed-out trees and other dark cavities make ideal new homes. If the bees can’t find a new nesting site, they may make their home on a tree limb or overhang on a house. They like to stay in sheltered areas such as hollowed trees, bee hives, hollow walls, or attics.

Local Long Island Bee Swarm

Check out the picture to the left  – this swarm is on a tree branch in Medford. It can contain between 5,000 to 20,000 bees.

When Long Island homeowners call us, we refer the customer to the Long Island Beekeepers Association. Members of the LI Beekeepers Association are local bee keepers who are able to rescue the swarm. If you spot a bee swarm, stay away – the bees will sting if provoked.

Killer Bees in the Hamptons

The Bridgehampton High School basketball team is named Killer Bees. And their basketball court, The Hive, swarmed with celebrities since the screening of Shaquille O’Neal’s documentary ‘Killer Bees’. Go Killer Bees!

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