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10 January

Local Exterminators Are Local Experts

Suburban Exterminating is your local exterminator on Long Island. We work hard to provide quality services to our customers. Part of this quality service includes our continuing education program for our staff.  We continue to learn about the latest in pest control from industry leaders and scientists. These new ideas and technologies help us to continue to implement innovative and environmentally sensitive approaches to pest management.

Local Exterminators Are Local Experts

This week, several of our entomologists are attending the annual Pest Management Conference at Perdue University.   Just some of the outstanding courses include:

  • The latest in rodent management technologies.
  • How to leveraging cockroach behavior and adaptability
  • Newest findings about termite biology
  • New developments for finding bed bugs.  
  • How to implement IPM (Integrated Pest Management/Green) strategies for bed bugs.
  • The rising populations of ticks and its diseases
  • How to keep restaurant food production and service areas safe from insect contamination.

Our Long Island friends, neighbors and customers all benefit from our continuing education. As John F. Kennedy said “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

If you’d like to speak to one of our local experts about how to get rid of your pest problem, give Suburban Exterminating a call at (516) 864-6900 or (631) 864-6900 or (631)287-6900. Ask for a free inspection.


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