Ants crawling on concrete

Our best customers are often the most informed! We look to educate our customers so that they will have a basic understanding of the pest control issue that they are dealing with. This basic understanding includes identifying the exact pest that the homeowner is seeing, how to prevent future infestations and what may have caused the pest control issue in the first place.

Basic Facts about Ants on Long Island and More

We started this Youtube series to entertain and inform. We cover the most common Long Island insect problem first: ants! Ants are social insects who live in large colonies or groups. Some ant species have colonies numbering millions of ants.

Did You Know? Ants Edition

Did You Know? Cockroach Edition
Long Islanders can find any one of these 4 kinds of cockroaches including German cockroach, American cockroach, Oriental cockroach and Brown Banded cockroach. Some New Yorkers call roaches “Water Bugs”. Cockroaches spread many diseases and often cause food poisoning, allergies and asthma.
Did You Know? Raccoon Edition
Chances of seeing a raccoon on Long Island are high. Some estimate that there are as many as 100 raccoons per square mile.
Look out for our upcoming video, Did You Know? Termite Edition!
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