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05 January

Latest Pest Control Methods at Suburban Exterminating

We can’t wait to attend next week’s conference! It’s the annual Pest Management Conference at Perdue. Many experts will be speaking about new developments in the industry and new pest control methods.  Our jam packed schedule will include seminars and discussions on how the environment can change insects behavior, public health issues and green products.

New Pest Control Technologies and Developments

Over 600 people attend the Purdue Pest Management Conference. Pest Control pros from around the world attend. Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Keys to identifying and managing marmorated stink bugs and other upcoming and occasional invaders. How environmental factors and others have influenced the rise and decline of the various invaders.
  • Public health issues that are associated with bed bugs, how this problem is evolving both from its biology as well as its management.
  • Different types of green products. How to use green products correctly and effectively.
  • Public aspects of spiders, insects, and diseases, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in managing these pests.
  • Keys to managing cockroaches.
  • Schools, health care facilities, and many other specialized facilities require the latest methods and materials to get the job done safely and effectively.
  • An update on ant management, stressing non-chemical as well as chemical management techniques. Ant management strategies will be discussed in terms of implementing effective programs.

Also, new developments and technologies for termite control, managing birds, rodents and fumigation will be discussed. Wow! It will be a busy week!

We’re always learning at Suburban Exterminating. We aim for the highest customer satisfaction! Pest control experts are ready to take care of your pest control problem. Call Suburban Exterminating in  Suffolk (631) 864-6900 or Nassau (516) 864-6900


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