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Spiders are among the most prevalent household pests. They crawl their way into two out of three homes. Although spiders can help take care of other pests in your home, many fear spiders and don’t want them in their home. If you find yourself “attacked” by one too many spider webs, consider the following tips:

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

  • Install tight-fitting screens on windows and doors, as well as weather stripping and door sweeps. Replace torn screens as soon as possible.
  • Install window well covers and replace them if they are cracked.
  • Seal or caulk cracks and crevices where spiders can enter the house (check around utility points and window frames).
  • Equip all vents in soffits, foundations, and roof gables with tight-fitting fine screens.
  • Install yellow or sodium vapor light bulbs outdoors since these tend to attract fewer insects for spiders to eat.
  • Dust and vacuum thoroughly and regularly to remove spiders, webs and egg sacs.

To identify your spider, the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation has an excellent guide of common spiders.

If your Long Island home is infested with spiders, it’s best to let a professional exterminator handle the job.
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