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22 July

July 22nd – Rat Catcher’s Day

Rat Catcher Day

Who knew that Rat Catcher’s have a special day? I’m sure glad someone gave these men and women their own holiday. I know I certainly don’t want to crawl into the crevices of my house looking for rats. Just the thought of them makes my shoulders twitch. So, I am certainly thankful that someone else is willing to do it.

Getting Rid of Rodents

Rat Catcher’s Day stems from a fairy tale about the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Germany, in which the piper would play his magic flute to lure the rats away from the town. However, the town decided to stop paying him for his services, so he lured the children away instead. Hmm…

It’s an interesting day to celebrate, but nonetheless, a big THANK YOU to our technicians here at Suburban Exterminating. If you want them to bring their magic flutes to your home (we promise not to steal your kids, just get rid of your bugs or rodents), call us at 516-864-6900 or 631-864-6900.


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