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06 November

Introducing All-Natural "Suburban Rodent Shield"

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Reports of mice and rat invasions are up across Long Island and Suburban has seen a 150% increase in rodent visits this year. This is not a Long Island problem; the entire East Coast of the United States has experienced explosive rodent populations and trap manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand. Rats and mice are known to spread more than 35 diseases.

With the weather getting cooler this increased population will be looking to enter your home and now is the time to keep them out with Suburban's new service "Suburban Rodent Shield"

Our "Rodent Shield" is an all-natural repellent applied to your home's foundation. While we smell a minty odor, rats and mice hate the smell and taste. The product is made of all-natural essential oils which bind to your home's foundation and are not easily washed off.

 The Science behind Suburban's Rodent Shield

 Rodents have very poor eyesight and a great sense of smell. When they get close to your home, they feel their way along using their whiskers and your foundation walls. Since your foundation is now protected with our "Rodent Shield", rodents will not stay close to the smell. And your home is protected.

 We'll apply our all-natural "Rodent Shield" to your home's foundation, sheds, under decks, and garage door openings.

 Please call our offices today and rodents will have to move to another home because you have the "Rodent Shield!" Call or text  631-864-6900 | 516-864-6900 | (631) 287-6900 to book your appointment now! You can also email

Thank you!  


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