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05 January

Interested in a New Career?

Suburban Exterminating has been in business since 1960. We are an established, reputable company.

Once a year, Suburban Exterminating offers classes which will enable you to become a licensed, certified Exterminating Technician.

Our classes will begin in mid-January and consist of 30 hours of instruction over a two month period with Mr. Lynn Frank, Board Certified Entomologist. At the end of the training, you will be prepared to take the exam offered by the DEC. When the course (which is 30 hours offered over a 2 month period) is completed – you may be considered for employment with Suburban.

To qualify,

  • You must have a clean current driver’s license
  • Be over 21 years of age
  • Be able to read and write English
  • Be committed to the class schedule
  • Be available for a phone interview
  • Be willing to have your driver’s license checked with our insurance company

There is a nominal fee for the class – if SUBURBAN EXTERMINATING hires you, the fee will be refunded. Seating is limited. Please call TODAY Arlene Wartell 631-864-6900 Ext. 110 Or email


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