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06 August

Insects in the Olympics

Long Island Olympians

We bugged out when we saw how many Long Island athletes made it to the Olympics!

There’s Maria Michta from Nesconset competing in Track & Field; Brandon Escobar, the wrestler, from Rocky Point; the sailors: Amanda Clark from Shelter Island, Debbie Capozzi from Bayport, and Erik Storck from Huntington; the basketball players: Lisa Karcic from New Hyde Park, and Sue Bird from Syosset, and Jamel Herring, the boxer from Coram.

Olympics Specifically for Insects

It’s a shame that there isn’t an Olympics specifically for bugs. Really, I bet humans are just scared that insects could go home with the gold in a few events!

Take weight lifting. Ants can lift up to twenty times their own body weight! That’s incredible. Do you think a 200 pound man could lift 4,000 pounds? No Way!

And what about the long jump? Did you know that grasshoppers can jump up to 25 times the length of their body? No 5’0’’ track and field star could jump 125 feet.

What about just running? Surely humans, with our long legs and what not, could run faster than a bug? Well, on the ground, a cockroach at the University of California, Berkeley, recorded 50 body lengths per second, which is comparable to a human running at 210 miles per hour. Incredible!

How about swimming? Backswimmers, an insect in the same order as cicadas, can remain submerged for up to six hours thanks to abdominal pockets for air. He just might beat you, Michael Phelps.

Luck to London!

The moral of the story is, insects are incredible, but so is each and every one of our Olympians competing this year. Let’s go America! Good Luck in London!

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