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14 August

Insects as Pets

Americans have a fondness for ant farms. The ant is the only insect that we  seem to be willing to keep, unless you classify the infestations that we get calls about as pets. I didn’t realize that was weird until I came across this article. Then I found out that other insects are kept as pets in other countries.

Chirping Crickets

In Japan, insects are as popular as cats and dogs are in the United States. They’re sold in markets in bamboo cages.

Some of these pests include night-singing crickets, which are used to indicate the presence of intruders much like American watch dogs.

Other Insects

Insect pets include praying mantis, ant-lions or doddle-bugs, caterpillars and mealworms. Caterpillars are probably the most popular because they’re often kept in classrooms to show the steps of metamorphosis.

Insects become pests when they live in our homes, eat our food or destroy our homes! Call Suburban Exterminating if you have a pest problem on Long Island 864-6900.

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