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Carpenter ants are a wood-destroying member of the ant family. Even though they do not eat wood, they tunnel into it to make a nest. Carpenter ants are often confused with termites because they also destroy wood in your home. Both carpenter ants and termites have a winged reproductive ant with wings. These winged ants are a sign that the colony is growing. They can be black or red and black, but are usually larger than other ants (1/4″ to 1 1/2″).Carpenter ant colonies may contain as many as 3000-4000 ants.Carpenter ants are social insects who live together in large colonies.  Like bees and termites, these insects have males, queens and workers.

Why do Carpenter Ants Enter Your Home?

Carpenter Ants feed on other insects and a variety of human food. They forage up to several hundred feet. Originally, carpenter ant nests are in trees, a woodpile or in the ground. When a colony increase in size or the present nest becomes unsuitable, they will migrate. Depending where they find ideal moisture conditions, they may build another nest in another tree, woodpile or in your home.

Carpenter ants may enter your home by:

  • Crawling up the foundation wall
  • Dropping from tree branches
  • Crossing telephone wires
  • Being carried into your home in firewood

Where Will Carpenter Ants Make a Nest in Your Home?

Carpenter ants look for moist spots in wood. Nesting spots can include:

  • Wood affected by water seepage (plugged drain gutters, leaking door and window frames, etc)
  • Wood contact with the soil ( port supports, siding, stairs, etc.)
  • Wood in areas of improper ventilation (cellars, crawl areas, attics, etc.)
  • Void areas near a moisture source (hollow doors, under bathtubs, etc.)

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