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03 February

Identifying Bed Bugs

Our experts get many calls about identifying bed bugs. In a recent article from FMC Pest Wire, these 5 bugs are often mistaken for bed bugs: Carpet Beetles, Spider Beetle, Cockroach Nymphs, Booklice and Bat Bugs. To the untrained eye, these bugs all look the same. Sometimes, we’re even asked to identify bed bug bites (pictured here).

Bed Bug Identification

It takes an expert to identify tiny bugs. Our expert, Suburban Exterminating’s Technical Director, Lynn Frank, will be educating other pest management professionals on January 30th at the Professional Certified Applicators of Long Island meeting. He will be speaking all about the biology of bed bugs.

The Long Island Professional Certified Applicators is also called PCA of Long Island. The PCA of Long Island is a group which educates its pest control members about regulations and other news.

Here are some bed bug facts from our expert. Bedbugs (C lectularius) usually feed once per week. Some bedbugs can live as long as one year in both the nymphal and adult stages without feeding. Bedbugs usually nest in the nearest available harborage in relation to the host animal. In your home, bedbugs usually live in your mattress and box springs. Control efforts should be centered (not exclusively) within a 3-5 foot radius around the host sleeping area for normal infestations.

For any bed bug concerns, like getting rid of bed bugs, give our experts a call at (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900.


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