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03 June

How to Prevent Ants When You’re Spending More Time at Home

Do Social Distancing Guidelines Correlate with More Ants in the House?


Social distancing guidelines were implemented in Long Island earlier this spring. According to a recent article, “Crowds of any size are banned or at least discouraged in most areas coast to coast—especially in Suffolk County, one of the hardest hit counties in the entire country when it comes to COVID-19 cases.”


As a result of the severity of the coronavirus on Long Island and the implemented social distancing guidelines, you’ve probably found yourself spending more time at home! Oddly enough, some sources suggest that social distancing and self-quarantining can actually cause more pests like ants in the house...but how? It all comes down to the needs and habits of ants, and how we “feed” into those needs while we’re hanging at the house. 

Where Do Ants Come From?

Ants are a nuisance year-round, but they become particularly active in the spring and summer, which is why you may find yourself with a sudden ant infestation during the warmer months. It just so happens most homeowners are spending more time in and around their houses this year during these seasons.

What Do Ants Eat?

Just like humans, ants are hungry creatures. Ants are always scavenging for food, and once they find an entry point like a crack or crevice that leads to a food source, they’ll tell all their ant friends! Ants also have to feed their young, so they’ll often take food back to their colonies to share. Ants are opportunistic eaters, so if food is available, they aren’t too picky, however sweet foods (ever heard of sugar ants?!), greasy foods, and plain out garbage are some of their favorite meals.


Ants also need water to survive, but not much (ants can often satisfy their biological need for water from the foods they consume). Ants do tend to be attracted to damp wood and excess moisture, though, so you’re likely to find ants in your kitchen, bathroom, or near a water leak, as these areas are usually moist.


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