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13 June

How to Keep Cicada Killers or Digger Wasps Away

The best way to prevent cicada killers or digger wasps is to have a great lawn. It’s work to maintain a healthy lawn but it’s the best way to keep these nasty looking insects away. Cicada killers just can’t burrow into a thick covering of grass. You’ll need to fertilize, water and plant extra grass seed.

If cicada killers or digger wasps are digging holes in your planting beds, put down landscape fabric and mulch. Also, you could add a layer of fine gravel. Nothing can terrify a homeowner more than seeing scary looking wasps in their yard.

Cicada Killers or Digger Wasps


These large wasps rarely sting unless threatened. Cicada killer wasp usually appear in June, July or August.  They dig holes to form a burrow and then hunt for cicadas. This video shows this wasp in action. Thanks to Andy Revkin of The New York Times for this video.

If prevention is not possible, please call Suburban Exterminating to have this wasps killed (631) or (516) 864-6900.

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