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13 June

How to Hire a Professional Exterminator

We’ve mentioned why you should hire a professional exterminator, but do you really know how? It’s not as easy as searching the Yellow Pages or asking a neighbor. You need to find a company that offers it all – quality, price, care, professionals.

Professional Standards

At Suburban Exterminating, we’ll show you what to look for as well as what we offer to prove that we’re the right choice for you.

  • Assure that your choice is a member of a national, state, or local pest management association. Suburban Exterminating is a member of the National Pest Control Association, Long Island Pest Control Association, the New York Pest Control Association, and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Ask your friends and neighbors about their experiences with certain companies. Most in-home care is advertised through word of mouth. We encourage all feedback and referrals!
  • Make sure your pest control company is licensed. Suburban Exterminating is licensed by the New York State Department of Environment Conservation.
  • Don’t rush into making a decision. It’s better to take your time and pick the right company first than have to hire someone later to fix what your first choice ruined.
  • Do some research! Figure out what you have so you know if an exterminating company is trying to pull one over on you.Do some quick research on Suburban’s website! We have a pest identification page.
  • Make sure the pest control company of your choice is a full-service pest control company! Suburban has a full carpentry division that handles anything from termite damage to a remodeled bathroom. Suburban Exterminating offers fumigation, green products and free inspections!
  • Understand your guarantee. We are always happy to walk you through the terms of your contract.
  • “Buy value, not price.”
  • Be aware that you can contact the New York State Department of Environment Conservation (other states often have pesticide application under the State Department of Agriculture) at 518-402-8727 for information regarded pest control company status.

These hints were adapted from the National Pest Control Association, found here.

To reach a Professional Exterminator in Nassau or Suffolk County, call Suburban Exterminating at (516) 864-6900 or (631) 864-6900.

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