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Stink bugs look to hibernate inside your home as fall deepens into winter.  Prevention is the key to getting rid of them.  Call today to schedule your stink bug treatment (631) 864-6900 | (516) 864-6900 | (631) 287-6900.Worst part about stink bugs? They signal their friends to join them! You’ll frequently see a large group of these insects in any one place. Stink bugs are often congregate in attics. They are seeking shelter from the cold. Brown marmorated stink bugs smell like cilantro or skunk when they are crushed. These small shield shaped insects are about a ½ inch long with 6 legs and antennae. Their wings have a dark band across them.

Preventing Stink Bugs from Invading Your Long Island Home

Keep stink bugs out!  Seal around doors and vents. Remove window air conditioners. Screen windows. Seal any cracks or holes in your foundation, and fix and/or replace any loose siding.  Adding weather stripping around your windows can help.

If you notice large numbers of stink bugs or know that you’ve had a stink bug invasion in previous years, call us to perform a perimeter treatment. We work on the outside of your home to prevent inside stink bug invasions.

Frequently Asked Stink Bug Questions

Do Stink Bugs Bite? No. Their defense is their smell.

Where did stink bugs come from? They are native to China, Japan and Korea. Long Islanders have just started to see them in the last couple of years.

How long does the brown marmorated stink bug live?  Adult brown marmorated stink bugs tend to live between six to eight months.

Why does brown marmorated stink bug want to get into my home? They want to stay warm during the winter.  They start to head inside in the fall.

Do they damage my home? No. Unfortunately, large numbers of dead brown marmorated stink bugs attract other problem pests like mice and carpet beetles.

I think that I have stink bugs but they don’t smell. How can I tell if I have them? Not everyone can smell a stink bug. Call our experts for a free home inspection.  Other bugs look like stink bugs including boxelder bugs and the western conifer seed bug.

Are the brown marmorated stink bugs making a nest or breeding inside my home? No. The brown marmorated stink bug goes into hibernation in the winter.  In the spring, the stink bugs will look to escape your home.

What do stink bugs eat? They will eat wide range of fruits, vegetables, and other plants.

Call today to schedule your stink bug treatment or get a free inspection to determine what kind of pest you have (631) 864-6900 | (516) 864-6900 | (631) 287-6900.

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