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06 July

How to Catch a Lighting Bug

Are lightening bugs hanging around your backyard? They’re sure flyin’ around in Smithtown, and I hope you see them too!

Blinking Bugs and Fireflies

Did you know that lightening bugs are actually a type of beetle? These beetles have two pairs of wings and really like low-hanging trees and wet, marshy areas.

When the lightening bugs light up, that’s actually how they communicate. So, to get one to come out, turn off all your lights and wait for it to start talking.

Once you have captured your firefly, make sure it has plenty of air and even some grass with a damp paper towel.

If you want your new firefly to have a friend, make one here!

Let Them Go

After a day or two in that jar of yours, the lightening bugs may die. So, if you want to catch any more, let them go!

Bug Experts

Suburban Exterminating has bug experts on hand to answer homeowners’ questions. Contact us in Nassau County or Suffolk County at 864-6900.

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