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19 June

How Insects Escape a Hard Rain

If you’re anything like me, you assume that bugs like mosquitoes just stay inside when it rains. That, or they zoom between raindrops like fighter jets avoiding enemy fire. Can their little brains even handle such complex strategy? Probably not, but it looks cool in my head.

How Bugs Survive a Storm

So, after some research, apparently that’s not how bugs survive the rain. In fact, they don’t do much of anything to avoid the rain. Thanks to the New York Times article (found here), we learned that the mosquitoes’ skill lies in their size.

The Science

Any object, really, as small as a mosquito will simply absorb into the raindrop, but exit the other side before it makes any impact (see the video here). Dr. David L. Hu describes it as “kind of like boxing with a balloon…There’s no way to pop the balloon because it doesn’t resist you at all.”

I will continue to close my eyes and picture my little fighter jet friends, but just know that next time you stick your tongue out to catch a raindrop, you may also catch a super small bug.

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Photo credit: Newsday File / Daniel Goodrich

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